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About Dave

“There is no one giant step that does it.
 It’s a lot of little steps!”

I am Dave Cullen, Lead Therapist and founder of DC Massage Therapy. I am a Level 4 (VTCT) qualified massage therapist and avid sportsman.

Years of playing for numerous local football and rugby teams as well as competing individually in athletics and most recently triathlon events have given me my fair share of injuries and issues. I have run the London Marathon on 3 occasions with my most recent and personal best achievement being in 2015. It was during this time that I used massage as part of my training programme and was immediately hooked with how it made me feel, helped with my training and had so many physical and physiological benefits, too many to count.

I was so intrigued that soon after I took a huge step and left my career in industry to undertake my training at the home of English sporting education in Loughborough as well as furthering my education and knowledge at the renowned Pressure Point clinic in Arnold, Nottinghamshire.  I now practice sports massage and other therapies across my home county and beyond.

“You are One Massage away from a good mood!”

Our Treatments

Sports massage or deep tissue massage is not something that is purely for sports men and women. The medium of massage has numerous benefits and deep tissue massage can be used by anyone from any age to not only assist with recovery from injury or other possible problems but also as part of a regular plan of maintenance and to assist with avoiding injury and staying fit and healthy.

Here at DC Massage we treat individuals with no sporting background as well as international athletes and professionals alike. The mass of problems which are treated from day to day include neck and back ache stemming from work/life situations as well as plantar fasciitis and tennis or golfers elbow.

Feel free to get in touch for a telephone consultation or book now for a full treatment or treatment which suits you and the time you have.

Deep Tissue Massage

Each treatment is specifically tailored to the individuals needs.


Postural Assessment

This is a great tool when taking part in a training programme.


Kinesiology Taping

Used to help support injured areas or limbs during rehabilitation.


“The body achieves what the mind believes”


  • Great service and really helping my recovery for training. Cheers Dave👊

    thumb Micky Shea
  • Thanks for the excellent session Dave - really helped with the recovery for both my running and rugby. Looking forward to the next session already.

    thumb David Portch
  • First treatment tonight with Dave! Very impressed Worked hard on my legs and gave great advice to help progress Thank you

    thumb Claire Harrison
  • Today I have been for another fab massage with Dave, still fresh to the industry but feels like he’s been at it for years. Thanks DC see you again very soon

    thumb Ash Payne
  • Very professional and competent service, with a smile! Cheers Dave! See you soon, Jack

    thumb Jack Brennan











NOTE:  Kinesiology taping may incur additional costs

Deep Tissue Massage

A treatment which uses many different techniques to assist in either in jury recovery, pre or post event maintenance or to work on any possible complaints or issues arising from day to day life. Each treatment is specifically tailored to the individuals needs and area of complaint or concern with a full assessment and consultation coming as standard as part of initial appointment.

Postural Assessment

So many injuries, aches and pains can come from something as simple as poor posture or a muscular imbalance. At DC massage we can offer a full postural assessment to look at any areas of potential weakness and/or imbalance and then offer potential treatment or advice which will assist in correcting or rehabilitating.

This can also be a great tool when taking part in a training programme or programme of exercise. Get in touch for more information.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology Taping can be used to help support injured areas or limbs during the rehabilitation phase or if there is a specific area of weakness.

Many professional sportspeople use it during activities to support and also to assist in blood flow, avoid cramps and reduce pressure to allow optimal performance. We can offer and advise when this may be necessary and a good tool to use as part of training, competing or recovering from injury. Not just for sportspeople its extremely helpful in any circumstance.

Personal Training & Nutrition

In the very near future DC Massage will be offering consultation and personal training plans, programmes and sessions to match whatever your needs or goals may be!

Are you looking to get fitter, lose weight, increase flexibility or simply feel better in yourself?

Full details will be available soon so watch this space…


Dave Cullen Massage Therapy currently operates clinics in the following locations…

Leicester Forest East Physiotherapy


Darcy Fitness Studios

Bawdon Lodge Farm
LE12 9YE

Trail Med Health & Performance Centre

Cafe Ventoux
Tugby Orchards

Cadeby Court

Sutton Lane
Cadeby Nuneaton
CV13 0AR

A mobile and event service is also an option (dependent on area and availability) please get in touch for more info.

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